Welcome to  www.VintageFishingBooks.com home of the most extensive library of vintage fishing books ever assembled (albeit  in electronic format i.e   PDFs)                                                   

There are 720  mostly English language fishing books in this library, covering  all aspects of fishing, all types of fish, most places to find them and all methods of catching them.

You can download them all from this site and at a very moderate cost (especially compared to trying to buy the actual books, if you could find them). Now all downloads are priced at £1 each

The books included in the library were published between 1653 and 1943, however, some of them are reprints of even earlier books dating back to 1496.

Each PDF file contains  a faithful reproduction of an old angling book which has scanned in professionally.

I have organised these books into collections in the following categories:

  • Reference
  • Fish
  • Fishing

Use the Book Finder to find the fishing book of your choice or just browse the collections and galleries. Either way you will be engrossed in a world of fish and fishing.

I have selected the best available digital copies of each book and have edited many of them to improve the quality and make them more suitable for reading on the screen.

Try my free download to discover the value of these collections to the angler or the armchair angler.



 Illustration from: Piscium Bavarico-Ratisbonensium pentas by Jacob Christian Schaeffer, 1761
Find this book in the Latin collection here:  Latin Language Fishing Books Collection





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