Books covering the fish of all regions, viz., UK, US and worldwide. With a special collection of books on salmon and trout.

Fish of the World – (Product: VFB-World-01)

32 books about both marine and fresh water fish from around the world, which are packed with fine illustrations.

The included spreadsheet allows you to select the book that you want to read from this collection:

The price for this lavishly illustrated collection of books about the fish of the world is a minimal £1 and it is available for immediate download (file size is 898 Mbytes).



American Fish – (Product – VFB-USF-01)

32 books about North American (US and Canadian) fish:

Here is the spreadsheet that will allow you to browse these books with ease:

You can purchase this fine collection of books about American fish for the trifling sum of £1 and the download is available immediately (file size is 864 Mbytes)


Trout Fishing Books – (Product: VFB-Trout-01)

38 books about trout and how to catch them which offers the trout fisherman a comprehensive reference:

The included spreadsheet will allow the armchair trout fisherman to browse this fascinating collection of trout fishing books with ease:

The price for this comprehensive set of books about trout and how to catch them is a snip at £1 and it is available for immediate download (file size is 605 Mbytes):


Salmon Fishing Books – (Product: VFB-Salmon-01)

35 books about salmon and how to catch them:


Readers can use the spreadsheet to browse the books in this collection:

This collection is an excellent reference for the salmon fisherman and it is available for immediate download at the frugal price of £1 (download file size is 664 Mbytes)


British Fish – (Product: VFB-BF-01)

This collection of books covers both fresh water and sea fish in great detail. It includes two of my favourite fishing  books:

  • Natural History of British Fishes by Frank Buckland printed in 1880, which is an entertaining tour de force of the whole range of British Fish. Read an interesting excerpt from this excellent book: Salmon is aristocrat Cod-fish is vulgar
  • British Fresh-water Fishes – volumes  1 and 2 by Rev. W. Houghton printed in 1879, which contains the most exquisite colour illustrations of British Fresh water fish. Don’t take my word for this but checkout a gallery of these illustrations: here
This is a small sample of the piscatorial riches you will find in this collection:
As with all my downloadable fishing book collections there is a spreadsheet which allows you to browse the 29 books in this collection with ease:
The price for this marvellous collection of 29 classic books about British Fish is a mere £5 and the download size is 653 Mbytes.



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