French Fishing Books – (Product: VFB-French-01)

10 superbly illustrated French language Fishing books:

To view a gallery of 21 images depicting fish from around Madagascar, taken from “Recherches sur la faune de Madagascar et de ses dépendances” by P Bleeker click here: Fish of Madagascar

Traité général des pesches : et histoire des poissons contains an excellent account of all the methods of catching, preserving, storing and transporting fish in 18th century France:


Most of the remaining books contain  descriptions and excellent colour illustrations of fish:


Even if you don’t speak French this collection is worth downloading for the illustrations alone and as usual it is accompanied by a spreadsheet which facilitates easy browsing of the books:

The  price for this unusual French language fishing book collection is £1 and it is available for immediate download (file size is 175 Mbytes)


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