Ichthyology Books (Product: VFB-Ichth-01)

Ichthyology is defined as the study of the physiology, history, economic importance etc. of fishes and these books reflect the subject. They include 6 ichthyology volumes from  The Naturalist’s Library which was one of the most auspicious literary projects of the 1830s. Sir William Jardine was responsible for editing the 42 volume Naturalist’s Library which made natural history available to the general public for the first time. Most of the books in this collection contain beautiful colour illustrations, see this gallery for an example of the quality of fish illustrations : Ichthyology volume 1.

All of the illustrations below also come from the ichthyology books in the Naturalist’s Library.

Included in this download is a spreadsheet which facilitates easy browsing of the books in the collection:

This ichthyology collection is available for immediate download at the frugal price of £1 (download file size is 455 Mbytes)





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