Sample Download

Here you can try a sample download so that you can verify the quality and suitability of VFB products for your own purposes.

I have created a four book sample product for your edification, it contains the following PDF books:

The Gentleman Angler by The Gentleman angler printed in 1726, which is one of my favourite early fishing books

An American edition of The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle by Van Siclen, George W, an 1875 reprint of the 1st book on fishing published in the English language (1496) with a convenient glossary of terms to aid comprehension of the archaic spelling and grammar
Sea Monsters Unmasked by Henry Lee printed in 1883 as part of the documentation of the International Fisheries Exhibition which took place in London
Fishing with the Fly by Orvis, C F 1885, a classic fly fishing reference book

Download this sample here 


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